My Priorities

Every day I work with people who are struggling: parents who work two jobs just to pay for childcare, farmers who are one drought away from bankruptcy losing their family legacies, students with large student loan payments, and people struggling to afford health care. They tell me they just need a little bit of help to get their lives on track and are frustrated that the government isn’t helping them.

My priorities are to put people first by protecting our constitutional rights, fighting for equity, tax fairness, and holding government officials accountable for their actions:

Advocate for justice and equity.

I devoted my entire career to defend the Constitution and ensure that all people obtain justice. After serving my country in the Air Force, and attending law school, I worked as counsel for the California Agricultural Relations Board. In this capacity I worked with farm workers to ensure that their employers treated them fairly.

I became a public defender in Stanislaus County to ensure that all people received their constitutional rights. I routinely represent abused children, and others who need counsel, and I defend parental rights. I stand up to protect the rights of my clients and as your Assembly member I will fight to defend your rights.

As a community, we need to stand up against hate and discrimination. We need to stand up against an administration that seeks to break up families and deprive our community members of their rights.



We must do what we can to invest in our children and their education. Our children need to have access to high-quality public schools. It is a shame that our teachers continue to pay for school supplies out of their own pocket. We have an obligation to fully fund our schools and make sure that our kids always come home safely.

I was fortunate to attend law school on the GI Bill. The government invested in my education because our representatives knew that access to education would improve the economy. In contrast, today my college-educated friends have tens of thousands of dollars of student loan debt each, making it difficult for them to buy houses. We should do more to reduce the burden of student loans and help our economy prosper.


Health Care

As Americans, we should have access to the best health care in the world. Instead, too many of our neighbors cannot afford to see a doctor or afford the high costs of prescription medication. We must do better and I support moving toward a single payer system, which will make health care more affordable.

We need to do more to address the opiod epidemic that is destroying our communities. We should work with doctors to reduce access to opioids to prevent people from getting addicted in the first place and make sure our first responders have the tools they need.



We need to hold our government officials accountable for their actions. We must ensure that road and transportation projects are completed on time, and under budget. Our infrastructure is deteriorating and we must make critical investments in our water supply, roads, and schools. Our reputation, and our economy suffers when we fail to make these investments.

To make these investments, we must critically look at the tax giveaways corporations receive to ensure that they actually benefit our State. We must not fix our roads and schools by nickel-and-diming working families who live paycheck to paycheck.

We should impose stronger campaign finance regulations in our State. Our democracy is stronger when everyone participates and no one group has an outsized influence on our politics.

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